SPOTLIGHT ON…George Prassinos

Welcome to Spotlight On… an insight into the lives of the OXTO Energy team.  Every so often we will be conducting 5-minute interviews with the team, to get to know them a little better.  A few weeks ago, we introduced you to Lewis and this week we have George Prassinos, CEO of OXTO Energy.


Tell us a little about your background and your role?

My background is in aerospace and I initially developed flywheels for experimental satellite applications.  As part of one of the projects I was working on, I successfully sent a flywheel system into orbit.  Somewhere up there is a product that I developed and that’s a pretty great feeling.

I worked in this industry for a little under 10 years before I began focusing on stationary storage applications.  It was in 2016 when I established OXTO Energy and since then it’s been non-stop.  I don’t even know where to begin to define my role!  In a start-up, everybody has to be prepared to learn new things and have two, three – or maybe 10 – different roles, but my primary role is to steer the ship.  I also really enjoy getting involved in the prototyping and the technology and like Lewis and Gerald said, seeing the prototype assembled and operating was a great moment.


What are your hobbies and interests outside of work?

Spare time?  There’s not much of that these days!  In addition to working full-time on OXTO Energy, I run a café in Guildford, Amor Amora.  I really enjoy racing cars and I used to race quite a bit a few years ago.  I love all things tech like drones and gadgets too.


What drew you to the energy and storage industry?

As I mentioned, I was working in the space industry for quite some time and I could see many applications for the flywheel technology we were developing.  I’ve always been interested in renewable energy and in 2013/14 the energy storage industry was gaining some momentum.  I thought there could be some potential to develop our space-tech and bring it back down to Earth for stationary storage applications.  So, in 2014, I began focusing on the energy storage sector more and more.  It’s been incredible to see how the industry has developed in such a short space of time.


What do you think is the most exciting thing about the storage market right now?

The potential.  There is so much scope to change the way the energy industry operates and I find this really exciting.  It can be a little challenging at times to work in an emerging market, but as a start-up, I feel like we have the luxury of agility and we can adapt to the market quickly and efficiently.


Beyond storage, what clean-tech sector do you think is most interesting?

Smart connectivity and the energy cloud.  I think there’s going to be a big shift in how people perceive and use energy and the existing patterns and trends are going to change.  I think it will be interesting to see the innovation in software development and how we connect with energy in the future.


Have you read or seen something interesting lately that you think we should know about?

I think there are some great things happening in the space industry right now.  I was really invested in the Cassini spacecraft and I think the mission has opened so many new doors for future space exploration.  The concepts for a mission to colonise Mars are also very interesting.  I wonder how long it will take for the first person to step on Mars?


Is there anything about space that doesn’t fascinate you?

Not really.  If only Pluto was still a planet…


You can check out the link below for some more information on the Cassini spacecraft!


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