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Welcome to OXTO Energy

Use Your Energy Better

OXTO Energy has developed an innovative flywheel energy storage system to enable a sustainable, low-carbon future.

OXTO Flywheel

A New Generation Flywheel

OXTO Energy has developed the innovative in energy storage system to enable a sustainable, low-carbon future. A flywheel is considered a mechanical battery that stores kinetic energy in the form of a rotating mass. Designed to work alongside renewable technologies such as wind and solar, the flywheel allows intermittent renewable generation to continue generating, even when the energy is not necessarily required. The excess energy gets stored in OXTO’s steel flywheels and then released when demand increases. This allows for a further uptake of renewable generation and more homes to be supplied with clean, non-polluting energy.

We have developed our technology with:

  • Very Long Lifetime
  • The high power mechanical system has no degradation over its 25-year lifetime and is unaffected by the number of charge-cycles performed.
  • Extremely Efficient
  • With a vacuum-enclosed steel flywheel, efficient power electronics and 100% depth of discharge, the round-trip efficiency of the system is greater than 90%.
  • Ultra-Fast Response
  • The flywheel system can respond to power fluctuations in milliseconds.
  • Lowest Cost
  • The long lifetime of the flywheel coupled with high cycle capabilities reduce the cost of storing energy significantly.
  • 100% Green Technology
  • Sustainability is key. Recyclable and reusable materials have been utilised throughout the system.

Our Technology

The Next Generation Flywheel Based Energy Storage

Energy Storage is the future

Contact us

If you’re interested in flywheel energy storage or if you have a project location and would like to add storage, get in touch to discuss project specifications.


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